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Back Yard Burn Season Begins December 1

Ensure that your home has 100 feet of Defensible Space.

Here are some tips to help prepare your home for fire season:
  • Maintain 100 feet of Defensible Space
  • Clear all needles and leaves from roofs, eaves and rain gutters.
  • Trim branches six feet from the ground.
  • Use trimming, mowing and power equipment before 10 a.m.
  • Landscape with fire resistant plants
  • Use fire resistant building materials on your home.
For more information on preparing for wildfires and defensible space www.readyforwildfire.org.


Prepare Your Family

Evacuation plans for families with young children should include helping toddlers understand how to quickly respond in case of fire, and how adults can escape with babies. Prepare ahead of time by practicing your family's fire escape plan, and what to do to be safe when there is a fire.

It is important to talk to toddlers and small children at a level that they understand and that does not frighten. Here are a few resources that offer guides and tips for families with young children about fire safety and  preparing for a disaster:
  • A Parent's Guide to Fire Safety for Babies and Toddlers: The U.S. Fire Administration's information site for parents and caregivers to help prevent fire death of young children.
  • Let's Get Ready! Planning Together for Emergencies: Sesame Workshop campaign with tips, activities, and other easy tools to help the whole family prepare for emergencies.
  • Ready.gov Kids: FEMA's site for older kids to prepare and plan for a disaster. Includes safety steps, tips, and games to help children learn about and be ready for an emergency.
  • USFA Kids: USFA's site with lessons for kids about fire escape planning, smoke alarms and general home fire safety.
  • Smokey Kids: U.S. Forest Service's interactive Smokey the Bear site with games, information and resources on how to prevent forest fires.

Preparing Seniors and Disabled Family Members

Seniors and people with disabilities also need special consideration when preparing for a disaster. Below are several resources that help individuals and families with special needs plan and prepare for an event such as a wildfire.

California's SRA Fire Prevention Benefit Fee

Many North County Fire Protection District residents will be affected by the new CAL FIRE State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Prevention Benefit fee. The District will NOT receive any revenue generated by this new fee. However, property owners should receive a $35 reduction for each habitable structure on the property when the property is within the jurisdiction of an active fire agency ($150-$35 = $115). For more information regarding the California State fee, please visit their website at www.firepreventionfee.org or contact your local CAL FIRE Ranger Unit Station, 2221 Garden Road, Monterey, CA 93940-2600, (831) 333-2600.

Remember, because fire prevention works best when neighbors and communities join together, the District has established a fire hazard compliant process to assist in determining if a property is out of compliance with UFC requirements. If you feel property does not meet the requirements outlined in the Weed Abatement Standards and Procedures, please contact our Headquarters Office at (831) 633-2578 to report the alleged fire hazard. If the initial site inspection deems the property a valid fire hazard, the District will begin notifications to the property owner in accordance to UFC procedures and pre-defined time frames. Remember, when reporting a possible fire hazard, your name and address will be required to validate the complaint.


Mission Statement

(Approved by the Board of Directors on January 9, 2007)

It is the mission of the North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County to provide the highest level of service to protect the lives, property, and the environment of the North County community, by providing prompt and professional services in the event of fire, medical emergency, rescue, environmental disaster or any other event which threatens the public welfare.


District Values

The North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County and its personnel value:
  1. The opportunity to be of service to the public and earn their trust and confidence in such service;
  2. A work environment that promotes harmony, respect for each person and is free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation;
  3. A highly trained professional work force that generates trust and respect among District personnel and that is dedicated to the North Monterey County community;
  4. The importance of training and individual development as an integral part of professional, personal and District growth; and
  5. The cultural diversity of the North County community and the District's awareness of, and participation in, its community.
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